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    Hi, I am a medical student, and I finally have enough money to buy the treo 650? my question is when was this released? I dont want to buy it today and find out next month the 700 is coming out. ALso lets say it does? Can I sell my sprint 650 on ebay? Will some one else be able to use it ?

    thanks in advance.
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    Yes you should buy it, if it's what you want.

    Yes you can sell it on Ebay.

    Yes someone else would be able to use it.

    It's pretty straight forward. No one here can tell you one way or the other whether you should buy the device or not. You and only you have to decide if it's what you need. No one knows when the next device is coming out and that doesn't make a difference. Live in the present. If something better comes along, than like you said, sell it on Ebay.
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    1. A while back (almost a year on Sprint I think)
    2. Lets.
    3. Yes.
    4. Yes.

    You are welcome.
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    The Treo 650 was originally released in November of 04 if memory serves me right. You can always sell your phone on eBay when you get tired of it...

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