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    I talked with a guy from Cingular Data Support today and he said that the Treo mms Software is incompatible with the Cingular Network. After 5 days and 10 hours of Tech support I finally get that answer. Can anyone with Cingular receive MMS messages? Also is there an alternative software for MMS?
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    This doesn't make sense. I was able to send and receive MMS fine on my treo 650 before applying the 1.15 update... can anyone that hasn't applied the update receive MMS on their 650 with cingular???
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    Finally, we get a clear answer. I, too, am with Cingular and I have been having problems sending and receiving MMS. Sometimes I receive them a few days late; sometimes I don't receive them at all.

    I have tried and tried to resolve this problem with Cingular Data Support, but to no avail. This is the first time I have heard them acknowledge this incompatibility.

    So I guess we're out of luck, at this time.
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    By the way, I have firmware 1.15 and software Treo650-1.13-ROW.
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    Someone on the cingular forums reports that they have not applied the latest update and are having the same problem. Mine was definitely working before, so this can't be that the treo is incompatible with cingular's network but that cingular has changed something so that their network is incompatible with the treo!
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    I've also not upgraded the firmware and have not been able to send or receive MMS since last Friday night.

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