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    Help. I just got my new Treo 650 two days ago. I installed the synch software that came with the phone and ran my first synch. It immediately began resetting itself and hasn't stopped yet for over 15 minutes. Anyone else get this issue? How the hell can I do a hard reset? It's not letting me do a soft reset at all since it's in this death spiral. Taking the battery out and putting it back in, does nothing as well. It still continues in infinite reset mode even after I put the battery in.

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    Did you sync to an user id of a prior Palm device?

    Hard Reset = holding the red power button down continously, while giving the reset button a single tap with the stylus. Keep holding the power button until the Palm logo comes up, get the yes/no erase screen. . . . say erase. . . now you have an out of the box 650 again.
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    Yes I did.
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    Hey I got the hard reset button going when I saw another thread that said to RTFM, anyway is it inadvisable to synch to my old device name or something? If so, that's fine, but it's nice to know in advance. Thanks again.
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    Can't do that, as you now well know.

    (Treo 650 chokes on prior device preference settings in your old user id backup folder)
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    Clean Install:

    Sync the Treo 650 to a new user id.
    Beam your PIM data (contacts, memos, Tasks, Appointments to the 650 from your old device) (You can do this in mass by selecting beam by category and then selecting all in each application.)

    Install 3rd party software fresh onto the 650 (do not copy them from a backup), you will need new unlock codes due to the new device and user id.

    (This was my method, there is an upgrade sheet on the Palm Support web site, I believe. . . )
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