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    Everytime I try to forward an email I get a 530 authentication required error code. I'm using VersaMail through Sprint. I've searched on the Palm/Versamail and Sprint technical support sites, but I never found this code in their FAQ or docs. In fact I've never been able to find a list of error codes anywhere.

    Your help will be appreciated!
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    So you can send an e-mail, not just forward one?

    If it is just forwarding that's the problem, I have no idea.

    If it's both, what do you have set as the outgoing server for that VersaMail account?

    try if that is not what it is, and then under advanced and Outgoing Server Settings, you need to check ESMTP and put in you sprint user name and password.
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    Your right I couldn't send either. ESMPT did it.


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