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    I may consider a Cingular 650 and apply latest upgrade. Is the device perfect now as far as call quality, stability, reliability?

    If I get it unlocked will I be able to configure the settings for tmobile?
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    I am VERY happy with my phone and applications. It hasn't crashed or misbehaved in 4 days... and counting.
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    I don't think there will ever be a "perfect treo" out there.. That would be like attempting to create a perfect computer which never crashes.. but im a firm believer that if you think carefully before doing things to your treo, it should be stable enough.

    As far as call quality goes, it's the best it will ever get IMO.. if you need more volume or mic volume, theres always volumecare to make up for the treos faults. Other than that, reception and call quality is all on Cingular, not on palm.. and as for stability and reliability.. like i said, it's all about how you manage your treo.. if you're stupid and install all these 3rd rate, untested apps at the same time without backing up first, of course you'll encounter loops or crashes.. its the same as a computer. If you're smart, and research the apps you install prior to using them, lookingout for conflicts and etc. you should be fine.

    and yes, unlocked makes it usable with any gsm carrier...theres been plenty of people who have used it with t-mobile.. run a search.. hope this helped..
    Most people use their phone to talk... i use mine for everything else..

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