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    Anyone know of good software to change, edit or create backgrounds and skins
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    Well, I guess the first obvious question is "change the background on which app?"

    The 650 isn't like a Windows PC where you have a desktop with a background on it and apps in windows stiing on the desktop. Whatever app you're running takes up the whole screen, there's no "background" visible.

    Now, on the Phone app, you can go to General Preferences and specify "show wallpaper" and that will let you display a jpg of your choice when in that app.

    If you have zLauncher, you can specify a different backimage for each tab in the Tap Properties panel. And there are a multitude of zLanucher skins available out there.

    If you have Initiate, you can specify a background image in hte display preferences, and skins are available from

    As far as I know, the regular application browser has no background capabilities.

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    Skinner for phone dialpad and startup/shutdown screens as well
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    Thanks, will try out suggestions

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