I just acquired a Sprint 650 that had been reprovisioned for Verizon. It has the Sprint 1.12 update installed. The phone works beautifully with the handsfree in my car, except:

Twice in two days, after having been in the car and using the handsfree, I have gotten out and looked at the Treo to find it hung with an alarm screen showing. (In both cases, it was a calendar alarm from DateBk5.) The alarm *may* have sounded before I got out of the car. The screen was on, but dim, and I had to soft-reset to clear it.

My initial thought is that if an alarm (maybe only a Datebk5 alarm) is active when I take the Treo out of the car, that interferes when the Treo tries to disengage the Bluetooth connection. I'm ging to play with this some more this evening, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen a similar problem?