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    Been using my 650 since the day it was released on Verizon. Went through five cases, before I found "a keeper".

    The Vaja I-volution is the bomb. The craftsmanship is as good as everyone has mentioned.

    Yeah, it's expensive, but I've already spent more than what it costs on other cases (Palm One Leather, Krussell Classic, Innopocket aluminum and magnesium, and Speck).

    Someone said in another post that it's a sad comment when your Treo has more clothes than you do!
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    i love my Vaja case but ive got two and im going to sell the blue one in the picture any takers? offers?
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    I have two as well and will probably sell the on in my picture too. It's a great case, even for the money.
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    sent you a pm
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    I'm thinking about the vaja cases, but can't decide whether I want the belt clip or not. Leaning away from it. Any opinions?
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    Its definately the best case, but next time, I'll probably do a naked one with the inward-facing belt clip. I really prefer a naked Treo
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    Personally, I've moved away from belt clips - though that's purely a matter of personal preference.

    Using the Vaja in my pocket w/ screen protector and the screen towards my body seems like a good combination of protection and functionality.

    I did like the Speck skin case - but the texture of its material made it too hard to get in and out of most pockets, and almost impossible to get in and out of jeans.
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    How far does the belt clip stick out? If I get the one with the belt clip, can it be stuck in the pocket without too much trouble?

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