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    Just downloaded the trial version. I tried to save a zip file and as soon as I hit okay, the phone rebooted. It's done this 3 times now. Any ideas? I do not have an SD card yet. I'm trying to get a .wav as a ringtone and read a few posts about converting it to a .zip and opening it with Resco. I've got Ringo and PTunes so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open.
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    You shouldn't need to convert it to a zip....either email the wav to yourself, or use a card reader to drop the wav onto a card....then type in the directory/file of the card into Blazer (i.e. - "file://PALM/AUDIO/ringtone.wav")

    Dunno why Resco's crashing for you...never had that happen to me.
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    I tried e-mailing it to myself, but all I can do is play it, I don't have a card and it will only let me save to a card. I'm using Good software through my work for e-mail.

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