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    I have some 38,000 emails in Outlook 2003 that works in an Exchange setup. Those emails are in various places... some on the server (50meg limit on mailbox) and many on the laptop in both personal pst files and an archive.pst file. Would there be any way I could carry these ALL on the 650? Obviously we are talking abut them being on the SD card but would Snapper or some other email program be workable and the best way to access those emails? Thanks.
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    Wow. If I did the math right, you could physically fit 38,000 52kb emails on a 2gb SD card. . . . that's alot of info. How would you sort thru it?

    Anyway, I will let the Snapper experts chime in. . .
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    Chatter nows has SD storage for emails.
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