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    Can I turn off the hang up tone? Everytime I end a call it gives off 3 annoying beeps. I was looking around in the sound preference but couldnt find anything. Is there an option for it? Thanks in advance
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    It could be under general system sounds, maybe? I don't get 3 annoying beeps when I end a call.
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    I don't think it's there either. I have my system sounds on and I never heard the 3 beeps. Even when I tried to turn them off and then on again, no beeps.
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    I thought the only way you'd get beeps after a call ended was with LightWav....
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    i use to hear the beeps (which was cool) but not anymore...i dunno whwere they went me sad now
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    I know what you are talking about.....I hear them sometimes...sometimes I don't...kinda sad actually.
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    I'm another one thats never heard the beeps you speak of. Wonder if they're carrier specific?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scandalex
    Wonder if they're carrier specific?
    I think she's on to something.
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    well i have it rogers...and i know i get them...i think if you pair up a headset and then unpair it, then i think you get the tones...but i dunno...

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