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    Am I not doing something right on trying to find the device / pair it with the new Motorola HS820 I just bought today?

    Everytime I turn BT on my 650 (branded cingular 650, unlocked - 1.28 fw and 1.13 software) ...

    I turn BT on - find device ... nothing. It has located my T637 phone but not the HS820.

    I powered the HS820 on ... tried finding device on Treo - nothing.

    Am I doing something totally wrong here?

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    Power the headset off first. Then press and hold the on button. Keep holding it after if flashes until it becomes a solid blue light, then have your blue tooth headset application look for the device. It should find it. Sometimes the headset just goes crazy and you need to plug it in to the adapter for a little while for the unit to reset so that it can be discovered bye the bluetooth application. Let us know if it works. Remember, the bluetooth connection with this headset is very buggy. It works most of the time, but there are plenty of times is loses the paring all together. It can be annotying, but I have found it to be one of the best headsets.
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    That worked. Man, maybe it's in the full handbook and not in the quick setup guide - but I had never let it get to the solid blue light. When that happened - showed up instantly!

    Thanks so much ...
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    No biggie. I had the old Jabra and figured it worked the same way.
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    phone piece doesn't ring when call comes in or doesn't connect on dailing. any ideas
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    I have just found your message after hours and hours of searching. I did what you had suggested to the other person about pairing the blue to the 650. Many thanks!!

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