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    The Problems

    Phone turns off as expected when unattended, sometimes faster than what I have the settings on. However, pressing the red hang up button doesn't always turn it back on. I move the SD card out, then back in and that restores the treo back on.

    Of course, a reset will turn it back on as well but who wants to go through with the phone service rebooting.

    The Phone

    Cingular Treo 650 with the newest firmware update.

    Suggestions? I can't find any good answers on search. Thanks.

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    I've noticed mine doing this on occasion since the update a couple days ago... I get a quick white flash of the screen, then nothing. Then, another hit of the red phone button will power it up.

    I hope this isn't a "feature" of the update, but I'm concerned that this is being caused by the update... Hmmm...

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    I get the white screen flash too, then it goes to where it is supposed to. It's like a delay. I think I had this problem with the Unlocked GSM Update on my Cingular Treo 650.

    Still, when it goes dark and unresponsive to red button, its scary.
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    Are you running PXAClocker? Try removing it and see if your red button behaves better.

    Check these threads:
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