Well I have been playing with this since the *18 thing came up, I believe it was July 17th..

Anyway, anytime I had a minimal number of bars showing (1 to 2), I dialed *18 plus dial. The typical RSSI increase was 4 to 8 points. Mostly 4 points. Quite a few times I had no increase in signal strength. The best RSSI value I got was from -99 down to -67. And in front of a Sprint tower, the best RSSI value I got was -60.

With -99 being the poorest signal strength and -50 being the best. I have checked this from Wisconsin down to Texas and over to the east coast on the Sprint network. I have not done any testing on the affiliate roaming network, because I have been in the Sprint network since the 17th.


There has been no improvements in quality on the voice network. Also no Improvement on Data network speed. I have always received data at 145 KBS, never any more, and never any less.

The only improvement I found was with signal strength on the data network. This improvement was related to signal drop out while on DUN with PDANET. If the RSSI value improved, drop out or disconnect was lessened or nonexsistant.


Sprint/Treo 650