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    A Treo-using friend of mine just installed the Cingular firmware update before heading off on a business trip. He reports that the microphone is cutting out when the screen dims after 30 seconds or so into a call.

    Has anyone else experience this?
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    I have. Cingular is replaicng my phone today. There have been a few other reports of this problem in this forum. Palm does not have any record of similar reports in its database as of today.
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    Got the new 650 today. Cingular said it would have the new firmware. It didn't. I upgraded and synched. Problem gone. Works great.
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    There is a possible solution to this issue.

    ProfileCare: Will stop the dimming
    VolumeCare: To adjust/Boost the MIC and also restore the MIC operation if you loose it during a call. A simple Option+5-way UP/DOWN will bring back the MIC volume


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