iambic® Software has released in beta powerful desktop management tools for iambic Reader, its document reader for Palm OS® devices. The iambic Reader Desktop Tools can automatically convert Microsoft® Word, text files and web pages into a readable format for Palm OS devices and synchronize them directly from the PC to the handheld device.

Using the simple desktop interface, users can literally select the files or web pages they want and drag and drop them to be synchronized from the PC (or over their network) to their handheld device. The software converts the materials to Doc format, automatically synchronizes them to the Palm OS device, and makes them instantly readable by iambic Reader.

“For us, the component we most wanted to add to iambic Reader was the ability of the software to convert materials to doc format, rather than rely on third party software to make the conversion,” said Vidal Graupera, president and founder of iambic Software. “With the iambic Reader Desktop Tools, we were able to go well beyond that goal, offering automatic synchronization as well as the most simple conversion method on the market. The result is desktop tools that make it easy for anyone to transfer materials from their PC to their handheld and take those materials with them anywhere, any time.”

The iambic Reader Desktop Tools software is freeware, but requires a licensed copy of the new iambic Reader 1.01 on the Palm OS device to run (desktop tools will not work with iambic Reader 1.0; users of iambic Reader 1.0 will need to upgrade to the latest version of iambic Reader to use these tools). For Microsoft Word document and HTML document synchronization, Microsoft Word 97 or higher must be installed. You can try the iambic Reader Desktop Tools while using either an iambic Reader 30-day demo license or permanent license purchased from iambic Software.