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    Can anyone tell me how much the Sprint Business Connection personal edition is per month? I was told last night it was $15 then someone else said it was free and the rep. I have on the phone now can not find anything for it.
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    When I originally signed up for my Sprint service 2 years ago, I was given a choice of 3 different "Vision" data packages. One of them was the "Professional" package which included Sprint Business Connect.

    I don't remember what the other packages included, but I think one of them was dedicated to picture mail, SMS, etc.

    With the "Professional" Vision package, Sprint BC is free. If you chose a different Vision package, then you would have to pay extra for Sprint BC. I don't know what the charge would be if you don't have the Professional Vision package.

    I haven't checked on it in a while. They may be offering something completely different now (which may be the reason for the customer service rep's confusion when asking about it).
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    If you don't have the Professional Vision Package, just call and ask them to change you to it. The price is still $15. I have had several of our staff do that in the last week.

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