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    I just received a refurb unit from Verizon and was not able to send or receive via IR port. I called Verizon data support and they forwarded me to Palm support. They ran me through a couple of trouble-shooting options and then asked if I was trying to beam in a bright room? I was in fact trying to do it under bright fluorescent light and by an outside window. I put my hand over the IR port and to send and receive programs without a problem! I felt like a fool bnut at least it solved my problem (and hopefully yours!)
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    also try a soft reset
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko
    also try a soft reset
    i've tried many soft resets as well as a dim room for beaming but no go,here's my problem:
    when i try the send option nothing happens at all,as if i'm not pressing anything,and whenever i try to beam the phone just resets automaticly.....can't seem to get a handle on this situation....please other ideals or solutions from somebody with the same/similar issues....!!
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    Just curious, any of you guys try a hard reset, and then try to beam? I had the same problem with my 600. So I did a hard reset, and it worked fine. Restored the apps i needed one at a time, and since everythings been fine. I still don't know what app caused the conflict. But this is just a suggestion to be sure that your problem isn't hardware related.
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    this happened to me before a few months ago,and thats exactly what i did,a hard was my saved prefs the first time...i just copied every thing over and started the saved prefs over from scratch and everything was fine.....not the case this time...?? i do have alot of hacks,maybe more than most,but i could still beam/send with no problems.....i might just have start from scratch again....nooooooooooooo...!!!
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