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    I had a speaker problem with my 650. The phone speaker, not the speaker phone, quit working so I could not use my 650 as a normal cell phone.

    It was on and off working for about a week, then it finally would not work at all.

    I tried the headphone jack insert/remove trick, even though I was sure this was an unrelated problem.

    Installing Freedom did not help either.

    I thought it may have been some other software conflict, but cust service talked me into a hard reset to test. No luck, so they are sending me a new one.

    I have not seen many others with this same problem. I read one spot where the phone speaker can become disconnected. I never had static while it worked, so I thought it was some software glitch.

    BTW, my contacts were not synced. Before doing a hard reset, always check everything you want on your PC desktop to make sure it is all up to date...
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    Send it back.

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