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    Two questions.

    Has anyone found that sometimes their SD card will no longer show as installed on their 650? If so is this more likely a data corruption issue or a bad SD reader?

    Also, about the #*377 code to find out what the last crash was caused by... where do you put that in?? If i go to the phone app and put it in, it dials out. If I do it on the main app browser page nothing happens.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, found the reason about the #*377 thing not working... apparently thats the Cingular error report code and I am on sprint. :P

    Doing ##377 shows that the last reset was casued while running "Security" and that it was a fatal exception.

    Thats nice and broad. JEEEZE
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    I have a treo 600 and it sometimes does not recognize the SD card after a reboot as well. I have to remove and re-insert the card to get it seen. It's annoying and I have never found a solution.
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    I had removed it and re-inserted it half a dozen times... no change.

    I ended up putting it in a card reader on my pc and could view it just fine. I ran a disk check and repair on it and put it back in the treo. Came right back up. But now i'm paranoid about it being a problem which will plague me down the line.


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