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    I have a new Treo 650 and Verizon is my carrier. I use Entourage on my Mac to receive my email. I have a POP account through my local ISP that I get my email through.

    What I'm looking for is an email program for the Treo that can get the header fields like from and subject as well as the text of the messages (but not the attachments) directly from my POP account without syncing with my email on the computer and without affecting my ability to download the complete full messages onto my computer.

    Ideally I would like the messages on my handheld to delete every 48 hours automatically (off the Treo - not affecting the server or my Mac in any way) so that they don't take up space on it, but I'd be fine with a way to manually remove them periodically.

    To sum it up, I'm just looking for something that I can use to let me know who is looking for me and about what while I'm away from my desk.

    If there is a feature rich piece of software that accomplishes this, great, but I would be fine with software that has the minimum features described above.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most email apps allow some control of this.
    With Snaper mail you can just set to download the headers and subject.
    If you then want to download the full email then you just click the popup.
    Set the account settings not to delete from the server so yo ucan read it from your home computer. You can set it tod auto-delete after a certain time and Snapper allows msgs to be saved to SD card.
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    How about having your e-mail service forward the header to your Treo as a text message? I just go to my webmail server, log in, then configure the forward settings to send a copy (truncated) to (10-digit cell number) Works for me.
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    The problem with that solution is that I wouldn't have any way of pulling the body of the message if I needed to.

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