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    I would like to have a filter that would let me see the Parent if none of the Children of that Parent are linked to my "To Do" list in DateBk5.

    This would ensure me that I have at least one Next Action linked for every "project" (Parent).

    Any suggestions on how I could set up this filter?
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    You might try setting up a filter that checks for link=ToDo, enable the Filtered Item Hides Branch, and then invert that filter.
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    Tried it. Unfortunately, that brings up just the Parents that don't have a link. I'm looking for a list of the Parent's with no Children links.

    Pretty specific I know.
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    How about using keywords instead?
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    How might key words work. Can you give me an example?

    Let me explain more too. Let's say I make a parent "Clean Garage" but I don't want to link that to my to do. Instead I would like to link a child of that such as "buy new broom". Now, let's say I goof and don't link "buy broom". In order to catch my mistake and ones like these, every day I could I would like to run a filter that says "what Parent's are in Bonsai that don't have any of the children linked". The Filter would pull up "Clean Garage" and I would say "Oops. I meant to link a child in this project. If I don't my project would not progress. Now I can go in and link "buy a new broom".

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