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    got my treo600 about a year ago from can someone tell me what the correct warranty period is? I checked the palm website and it list two pdf files; one for 90 days and the other for one year. on top of that when I called a local palm service/repair number here in tampa florida they indicated my unit was a unlocked phone (news to me). my original one has issues and was replaced within the first 3 months as I recall but I had thought what I got from amazon was a locked phone. have started to get those 'nice' vertical lines all across the screen though pressing down a bit on the left top side of the case near the 'phone' button/letter Q appears to help make the 'mini=blind' lines go away. seems to be a issue with the screen and wires inside not touching just right all the time. wonder if dropping a phone might cause that....course none of us ever do that right

    thanks for any input
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    If your carrier is Sprint, warranty issues are dealt with via Sprint directly and lasts for exactly one year. (I received my 5th one yesterday!!!) I'm not certain about the other carriers' policies.
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    My boss had the same problem with his T600. Remembering when I changed the battery in mine, the connection for the screen is in that location. Sure enough when I opened it up, the connector was completely loose. After reconnection and reassembly, the screen works like a champ.


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