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    Will someone please post the ROM's that Shadowmite had to remove from his site? Thanks
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    Wow...I didn't even realize that they were gone! I think I have some of them still on my home PC that I can email you. I'll have to check when I get home.

    On one hand I understand where Palm is coming from, but on the other hand...who can blame Shadowmite for answering the much needed request from Treo users that Palm neglected to answer. I say Bravo to Shadowmite for all his work and hopefully Palm will be smart enough to offer him a high paying job. Although, maybe in his best interest he would turn it down. Ok, now I'm just rambling.
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    Also looking for the roms if anybody has them archived....

    Just PM me.

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    Why not use his tool that he does provide, with a ROM from Palm, and create your own custom ROM?
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    Hmm...I read other people having problems extracting the rom files from the executable, but his website clearly has instructions on how to get the files.

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    So was the Shadow bought out or was he threatened by the Palm’s monstrous gaggle of lawyers. Does anyone know, Can the story be shared? Is he on Palm’s payroll or is he one of the 4400? This would make for a great movie do you thing Shean Connery would be best for the part or Ben Affleck?
    What is the real story.
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    The reason is on the Shadowmite's page.
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    So has anyone given this tool a shot?

    I just upgraded to the 650, and could do without Wireless Sync, Real Player, and some other stuff, but I'm not sure I want to risk killing my Treo.
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    Numerous folks have used the tool. He released all the files they were extracted from the 1.12 exe file and several of us have used the tool to create our own custom ROM's. I have not tried the latest release of his tool though.
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    I was so excited learning about this... and then I find out the ROMs are gone! Can someone please PM the ROM's to me? I would appreciate it very much.
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    I would like to have 'em too, thanks
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