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    hey fkjr2, that is a very reasonable question but unfortunatly it wont...
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    Any chance this gets reposted in the next few days? Looking for a new mail solution (BCPE's interface is terrible and locks up and I hate forwarding my mail to fastmail), and this seems like the perfect fit.
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    Once you get the link back up to "pro" -can you tell me - if you disable conduits on my work machine, will I still be able to sync normally with Palm Desktop on my home machine (I do NOT use Outlook for PIM or Email at home)...also, does email product work with two accounts (work and personal)?

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    OWA doesn't seem to show me categories for my tasks. Does your product sync task categories? So if the product uses the palm db's does that mean that calendar, contacts, and tasks work as usual even when vision service is unavailable? I use datebk5. Would that be an issue? This is going to be great.
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    Hey guys, sorry for the delayed response...we have secured some funding from a great vc out of new york and i had to wrap up an astounding amount of paperwork for that deal. We fixed a ton of issues last week and i hope get this new version which will be v.1.1 thru QA this morning which means that i will be able to post it for everyone to download.

    charliec, NO, in order for you to be able to hotsync with a computer you either have to disable the conduits manually or run the installer for now...we spent a TON of time last week trying to find a better way to handle this and i think we may have got it but tis way too early to for now the conduits have to be disabled even if you dont have outlook intstalled. Also, at this time nexail is only a corporate solution meaning that it does not have the capacity or capability to sync more then one account....i will say, however that we will be announcing something in the near term that is nothing less then ASTOUNDINGLY SUPER DUPER AMAZINGLY KILLER AWESOME.

    scsaden, categories thru owa was an issue...we battled that about 5 months ago and i think that we found a hidden method for syncing categories using webdav that owa doesnt use...but i seem to remember there being some type of restriction like you couldnt change the category on the device or you couldnt have more then one category on the device...yeah, i think it was the latter of the two. and yes to your question about cal, cont, notes and tasks functioning as usual when no network connectivity is well datebook5 works wonderfully with nexchange, we purposely used the native db's in order to allow the user the flexibility of choosing their favorite front end for displaying the data.

    now here is a status report on major version 1 of nexchange proper...

    Outstanding Issues we are aware of...

    1. nexchange - doesnt support the new pim db's yet. The biggest impact from this is the fact that meeting locations dont show up in the field provided on the device. we are in the process of moving from the compatibility db's to the new db's

    2. nexchange - we havent worked out multi-day apts yet, but that is in progress

    3. nexmail - the functionality is the bare essentials...i will say, as i said earlier, that in the short term, there will be a release that is nothing short of utterly amazing, so stay tuned.

    4. web site - not updated...i dont know how many of you have ever started a company, but this is my first and I HAD NO IDEA what it was going to take, and i would have to honestly say that i WOULD NOT have ventured down this road if i had the slightest clue...i have seriously worked 21 - 23hr days for the last 2 months and it has been so detrimental to my life, love, and spirit. I quit a dream job to chase this and how fondly i look back on those days...anyway the venture money should make a huge difference because it will allow me to hire people to help out.

    GREAT things that we fixed last week...

    1. autosync - it used to behave VERY badly. it would lock up the device in the middle of a call, it would interrupt anything that was going on with the device and it was the complete its job once started. well thats fixed, we originally thought there was an issue with the notification manager in the new devices (t5, 650, lifedrive) because it simply wasn't telling us the state of the OS so our app defaulted to thinking that the device was asleep all the time which meant that it could attempt an auto sycn at any time. the way it was supposed to work (and now does) is to only kick off an autosync when the device was asleep never interrupting the user.

    2. we improved upon the password entry box...the one that is included in v1 visibly blocks out your password which worked great the first time you enter your password...but made it almost impossible to change your password after that. we have added a totally new way to enter your password, we now have a button to set your password that pops up a dialog box where you enter your password and then click on set password. what makes this such a good method is that if you click on the set password box again, like the original method we tried, it does not display your password so your password is protected if someone were to get ahold of your device momentarily, but this method allows you to re-enter your password so that you can see it when you enter it.

    3. nexchange - we re-introduced the calendar date filtering function upon request by many. This allows you to designate how much historical data you would like to sync to your device.

    4. nexchange - we fixed the issue where nexchange would run but not update the summary screen with what was processed...

    5. nexmail - added 5-way navigation support for message navigation.

    6. nexchange, nexmail - fixed the issue where you were unable to set the port to anything other then 80 or 443.

    7. nexmail - fixed the owa folder wasnt if your company didn't use the standard /exchange url for example...we changed our owa from which was the standard install to in order for nexchange to work you had to be able to go into the app and designate a different virtual http folder for exchange, well that was broken in mail and we fixed it.

    8. nexmail - as you may have noticed we added a footer to all outgoing emails that says something like "Sent from my NexChange NexMail enabled Treo %device%, from Nextworks. Go get yours at we added the ability to disable that footer in the purchased version.

    9. nexchange - we fixed the conduit issue that was causing deletes

    Keep in mind that i have NOT built and posted this this version which will be v.1.1 because it is still in QA, which i hope to finish tonight...
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    well, it doesnt look like im gonna be able to finish before 7am and i have meetings all day starting at 7:30...dangit. Hopefully i will be able to get it up late afternoon...
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    David, do you ever sleep????

    Anyway, I am really glad to hear that you are implementing full support for new PIM databases (T650, Lifedrive...). This is one thing that kept me from relying on Nexchange full time. I am really looking forward to a version that syncs directly to the new dbs.

    Otherwise, you are making great progress. It's pretty impressive how much nexchange has improved in the last couple of months.

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    hey pedja...i dont know why, but im not getting emails from tc when there are new replies, so sorry for the delayed response. Man, i have not had any decent sleep in almost 3 months and it is brutal. Thanks so much for the kind words, we really have made a ton of progress in the last few months...but then again, read on...

    I moved to a new build environment to fix an intermitant key registration error people were getting when purchasing the app...well just as things should be, murphy got bored and decided he would take it out on my laptops hard drive by mysteriously skipping the 4 read/write head across both platters of the entire drive just like if you thumped the needle across a record wasnt so much the skipping as it was the writting of data in every single place that it passed/touched which ruined most sectors along the way.

    It was fabulious to hear this completely foreign sound emit from my laptop as i was building v1.1 and then watch my entire system implode right before before my eyes as the drive frantically tried to figure out what happened and where it was supposed to be vs. where it was, overwriting data the entire time.

    It took about 10 min to destroy the system...

    Of course i didnt know what was happening until i pulled the drive out and ran it thru runtimes, get data back for ntfs (which by the way is the best data recovery i have found) and saw that there were bad sectors and totally misplaced data across the whole drive on both sides of both platters.

    I dont know what happened but i would guess that it had to have been a freak emp...the weird thing is that it looks like the rw heads actaully physically touched the platters in some places, which would mean that either the head springs suddenly yet momentarily increased spring rate or the drive lost air preasure...neither of which i have heard of before.

    Anyway, that laptop was the only puter that had the new build env so i have spent the last 4 days trying to recover that off the drive but since the image recovery from that drive is still running, i dont have much hope. I do run ghost against the important machines but i have it run once a week and just as things should be, i designed the new build evn between backups.

    So i am rebuilding the env now...on a couple of puters at the same time. I hope to have 1.1 up by monday.
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    For the past 2 or 3 months I have been anxiously waiting for a viable OWA solution after attempting, w/o success, to get the NexChange and Surewave betas to even come close to working...

    Does anyone think this is ever going to be a product that can be universally implemented for the Treo?
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    Yes, I think it will. I've had alot of conversations with the developer and I think he completely understands the market. David's absence from the boards tells me he is cooking up something special. No question this will be a killer app, the only question is when. I would guess sooner rather than later. I'm sure we will get an update from David soon.

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    I version 1.1 up yet? And if so, How do I get it? Since I have purchased the software, shouldn't it be updating automatically.

    I had problems with registering my software when I bought it (first to buy Pro 1.0), Dave did a work around for me, but I don't think I ended up with the latest and greatest as a result. What I have seems much buggier that the trial I used. Doesn't sync all my mail, requires two and three syncs even when it says sync succesful. Has difficulties when off Network or out of range to receive a data signal, basically resets the device when trying to log in to my server. As a result I have disabled the auto sync because it causes problems if I am off network when it tries to sync. When I get back to the office, mail read or deleted on the device are not shown as read or deleted in my outlook, and I have synced so they should be.

    Don't get me wrong, this still seems to be the best solution I have found given I never got close to getting acticesync to work with versamail. I think there are a lot of features that need to be added, but it sound like they are coming.

    Anyay, just wondering if some of those features are available in a new upgrade that I haven't gotten yet.
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