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    Earlier .."FYI, I unzipped the files on my PC, transferred to my SD Card.
    Inserted the card in the Treo and ran the updater (by tapping on the GSM updater icon on the card)."

    Where is the GSM updater icon or will I know when I go for it?
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    Hello if this thread is still going on. Please HELP!
    It's getting more and more confusing. I have a Cingular branded 650 with firmware 1.51 and software Treo650-1b.17-CNG hardware B.

    I'll try to be clear on explaining what I've done so far to make the most sense.

    I've been reading a lot on TC and MTDN, tons of posts, insane amount of information. All i want is to get rid of all the extra clutter like xpress mail, real player, get good... basically no toppings. I use this phone in Canada on Fido (now a.k.a. Rogers) and I really want to customize it to my needs. I've ordered a standard cover to replace the not so nice chromy blue.
    Since the posts and files that have been upped here there have been new firmware... 1.31 > 1.51... reverting to earlier doesn't seem interesting. My 650 sounds great in my garage, where I could never get service even. The question here is the software.
    Has anyone attempted a Cingular to ROW update ? There's a new ROW update on the Palm site, installer 1.20. If so what were the steps taken? Aside from the obvious links to understanding ROM and how to flash it, how to and where to get the ROM in file or zip format rather than the Palm supplied installer. I believe the technique refers to a broken link unfortunately since this thread is a few yrs old.
    I would like to "work" the ROM in the Treo 650 Custom ROM Builder (by shadowmite)

    Seriously... while writing this i got even more confused!
    please somebody just point me in the right direction

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    I suggest using graks romtool
    But first read these two threads
    Take your time.
    Good luck.
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