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    Hey guys...

    If there is anyone looking at buying V-rally then DONT!

    I've just downloaded and bought Race Fever and it ROCKS!

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    I agree! I bought Race Fever too and it's amazing!
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    I tried the Race Fever demo on my prism and it crashed. It worked great on my BVD, though. Digital fiction told me that the Prism compatibility issues would be addressed for the upcoming color version.

    Joe V. - Sprint Nextel Business Solutions - SoCal
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    I second that crash posting. I had to wipe out my entire Prism (reset+power button) to get it to boot correctly after the crash. The Palm Computing screen kept flashing and cycling, and the Prism never recovered.

    PRISM USERS STAY CLEAR OF THIS ONE until an update is released.
    CJ Miller
    Handspring Visor Prism
    Palm III
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    I have the full version of Race Fever and the Demo of VRally. I don't know if anyone else noticed or agrees but I find controlling the car much more difficult in Race Fever then its own beta as well as Vrally. These PalmOS arcade racers are great ... keep 'Em coming. I can't wait to see RF in colour.

    mr. kia
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