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    Finally got up the nerve to try this. I have so impressed all the cops I work with. Many of them have had Treo of course they all went out and got the Windows they all get ticked cause I have no idea how to help them....cops...go figure.... there an easy way to do this for a 700w? Or would it be the same procedure? I messed around with a 700w for a few minutes....didn't like it AT ALL!

    Thanks again!
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    I have used FairWizard and these instructions with good results. I does take quite a long time....

    I have tried PocketDVD and like the speed...but I can't seem to get the setting I want. All the movies I care enough to own are wide screen. Can someone please help me with the selections to use for optimal viewing on a 650. Otherwise I like the way the OP instructs....doesn't seem to cut off as much picture as PocketDVD...

    Thanks for any help I get...
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    I'm wanting to figure out how to convert existing movie files, into something I can watch on my Treo. I have all sorts of training and tutorial videos I'd like to have with me, so when I'm killing time in places waiting for things, I can catch up on some of my training material. I have some that are in .AVI format, others in .MPG format, etc. How can I convert/encode these so that they will be viewable on my Treo 700p? I'm not looking to rip a DVD at this time, and I've only found instructions so far for doing that.

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    Most of the mentioned programs have the ability to use video files as the input source. Have a look at VEMode (free).
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    Looks like the vemode site is down... dang. Anyone know an alternate download source?
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    Well crap... the VeMode site is back up, and I installed it... however the very first AVI I attempted to work with (a Camtasia movie) caused the application to crash, and now it won't launch any more without the same instant crash. So... any other favorites out there for converting existing video files, not DVDs, to Treo compatible movies?
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    You all would be much better off if you encoded the movies as avi's with mp3 sound rather than ogg because I can play my movies on other devices like my Asus EEE and my Pandigital frame. If you use more common formats you'll be able to play movies in more devices in the future like GPS and watches. I also think the best way of encoding the movie is to pick 4:3 ratio and to find and set the credits. Auto detect field mode. I use Xvid. This is the tricky part. I choose a size that gives me a low 70 or high 60:1 compression ratio at 320 x highest output video size resolution, usually around 0.333 Bits/Pixel. I usually have to play around with the size until I get it close. Then I always check two pass, this gives a cleaner result. Choose the highest quality Encoding speed. The audio I try to find a stereo or 2 channel and compress it to a MP3 at 32kb/s, usually more than enough quality. I never check any of the Resolution boxes, including the "Use TV display mode". The TV display mode should only be used if your going to be displaying your movies on a TV. Use 1 file segment and never split. This will give me usually around a half GByte file per movie that I can watch on most of all my devices and when I connect it up to a good stereo system in the car or earphones it sounds really good.
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    Ok here is the deal.... I'll UP the date on the post here to reflect the fact that we still have the Centro the 755p and all those windows perversions J/K- - all this information is still valid and current regardless of thread age.

    at the beginning of this thread ( yeah way back) PQ DVD software was mentioned.

    I use it just fine... I think it's great

    GO get AC3 Filter and Xvid codecs for your PC.

    Full size films that normally get downloaded illegally can come in a servicible size of 700 MB or so. Treo 650 needs this down to 200MB to 320MB MAX and this is OK and looks awesome. The 700MB Size films sill stutter on a 650.

    Disclaimer: This information is provided as a frame of reference and neither I nor Treocentral endorse downloading and or distribution of any illegally obtained media.

    The point is.. everyone sees the sizes and not everyone has all the info. Approx 1 hour 40 minutes of film is in my opinion a decent average to work from in the thinking here.

    4GB full DVD FILM - not compressed WAY to big even for PC to rip that. The cost is time and possibly not being able to play it back smoothly.

    1.4GB - I call the PC sweet spot. Nice screen, Good video etc. MOVIE night! Still a long rip - real time.

    700MB Nice for PPC and a starting point for PALM conversions. PSP can play this size in their format well but you can do better in the size dept. PQ DVD shows a double rate here in speed almost taking the time to compress down to a little more than half the actual film play time.

    220 to 320MB is about perfect for the standard movie 1:40 playtime thinking. You can do your own figuring for larger and smaller play time sized video.

    PQ Pocket DVD studio setup for a DVD ( I use this exact setting though for those 700 MB versions I make I make for my Dell AXIM that can handle the 700 and 1.4 sizes well. I use TCPMP for that PDA as well.
    OPTIONS for the best treo PALM experience.

    Audio Bitrate 128KB. 44KHz, Joint Stereo ( available after you instal AC3)
    Volume - Up one notch from default. ( your call - see test clip first)

    Video Frame 25 PAL, Bitrate 288 to 300, Brightness - notch it up one or not.
    AVI CODEC should be Xvid Mpeg-4 Codec ( for this format )


    Browse for and or create your output folder and filename. Disable screensaver.

    Leave Res at standard 320x240 at the main window

    No autostretch - play with later when you know the app
    Set up Quality to just High or about 300K for film and 128 CD Quality with the PQ DVD software. Ampo brightness and up Volume. You can make a 45 second clip to test and and then simply overwrite.

    I'm on a clean install of Vista 64 with their latest version of the PQ DVD studio. It works on my P3 laptop 1.2Ghz XP Home machine too.

    Google for the secondary download site of the TCPMP files RC2 is out there.
    or get the CorePlayer Get all CODECs for palm with the open soure TCPMP version.

    Hint The app can be set up in preferences to search for the codecs on the card - so you can as well place them on the cards... write an auto launcher. Pop the film card in and play.

    I've been doing this for 4 or 5 years ripping DVD's we buy and watching the video files on our entertainments systems and devices.

    SLysoft AnyDVD can help if you bump into issues that this software relates too.
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    I used the results above, and found that it was still a tad choppy. The following instructions are easier:

    • Get MediaCoder MP3/MP4 Edition . Install.
    • Change "Quality" to "Compact Size" (256kbps, 15 fps)
    • Change "Picture" to "320x240@15fps"
    • Leave Format as MP4 (MPEG-4+MP3)
    • Click 'Start'.

    You can use other conversion programs also. The key point is just to use 15 fps and less than 300kbps. The screen is to small to notice, and the Centro/Treo won't drop frames. As a bonus, it leaves 60% more bits per frame.
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