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    The Treo 650 Cingular 1.15 updater is now posted - this had been marked as 'Coming soon' since the updater page appeared on Monday.
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    Anyone tried & succeed w install?
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    ... via BT & 1 hr 15 min. 14.7 to
    17.4M free now
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    Took about 20 minutes and worked perfectly. Everything restored as it was
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    do you have the "get good" app after you installed the cnb update? i'm like to know, if "get good" is a part of the cnb updater or just a part of the cng updater. cuz i ran early wrong cnb updater when it first released. not sure if there's anything left on the phone from the previous updater or not.
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    How can you tell if you've got teh CNB or CNG update? I downloaded the one from the CNB link that just came back up last night, but several posts state that it was just a mislabeled CNG update.

    Is the only way to update and see what it says on the Phone info screen?
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    installed CNB download, my 650 says CNB. Get Good icon is there.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    You know if you have CNB or CNG by going to the phone app, go to the menu, options, phone info.

    The GetGood app is part of the new rom.

    The update went smoothly for me. I went from around 5MB free to 9MB.

    But I am still getting out of memory errors when I try to run a full backup with Backupman (until I turn off the phone) or when loading certain applications, such as Blazer. Anyone else having these?

    Over the weekend I will experiment with my background programs, such as Chatter, Goodlink, Powerrun, to see if any of these are causing it.

    I also sent myself into a reset loop after my my full restore. I used BackupMan and probably restored more than I should.

    Actually my weekend plan, may be to hard reset, and reinstall everything from scratch.

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