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    for LA traffic, why spend is free, gives you all of the freeways not only in LA, but all over Southern California - speeds by freeway intersection, accident info, construction info (what freeways are under construction at any given time) and, yes, Sigalerts!

    Palm is trying to rip folks off!
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    Well, I hate to be a yes man but I like the Traffic software. I just have to decide if I like it enough to pay $5 a month for it. I disagree with a couple of posters that indicated that there was no real time info. I have seen it first hand and watched it as conditions changed. I pay close attention to the Midtown Tunnel and Queensboro Bridge traffic & most Queens and Nassau County connections. Southern State Parkway information has been correct right down to the exit #.

    But $5??? I dunno.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duckhunter
    Thanks for the Chicago version of a traffic map.I have been lookin for this.

    Sweet Chi-Town Music!

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    FYI, I have posted a review of Palm Traffic.
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    Well I have issues with this Palm Traffic program.
    For one, I think this is really a cool friggin' program. I do think the pricing is a bit steep, but for someone who would use it twice a day every day, I could see how it might be worth it.
    But it has no better than a 50% uptime. It seems to only be working when I least need it. Just for fun I decided to subscribe and try it another month, but I paid and it refuses my subscription. Handango support says they need to update/fix the account which they have yet to do. So unless they get the subscriptions and the service to actually work reliably, this is no good.
    However, if it works, it's the fastest most comprehensive way to see all of the traffic status in the area.

    I have a feeling I'm not going to subscribe to this after the 1 month I paid (if they ever get it working for me.) Then it'll be back to the cheaper and free information which so far has been working for me. Mostly: (I bookmarked the accidents page and use it)
    $20/year subscription to sigalert's SMS/email alerts and WAP pages.
    KRON4.COM has free traffic alerts
    Dial 511 and use the the good ol' fasioned phone.

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    I've been using "Traffic" for about a week and a half in metro Atlanta. I'm still in the two week free trial period, but today's experience with it confirmed that I won't be paying for the "service" and I'm about to delete it from my Treo 650.

    It LOOKS pretty cool. You can refresh the data as often as you want to. For me, it shows the main traffic routes in metro Atlanta, with little flashing dots of various colors that show where flow is restricted or where accidents are.

    (By the way - the maps in "Traffic" are NOT detailed, and it is no help whatsoever in finding alternate routes; it's in no way a substitute for GPS, even if the traffic data is up-to-the-minute - which it isn't, and I'll talk about that next).

    The deal-breaker problem is that when I've compared its readings to either the radio traffic reports or my own current traffic situation, it seems to be at least 20-30 min behind the current situation.

    I just used it this evening, coming home from work. Before I left, I could see that approximately the first one-third of the interstate route I would take home, was backed up. But it showed no accidents at all, and free-flowing traffic once I got about one-third of the way. I decided to take the interstate instead of an alternate route, based on its reading, partly to see how accurate it was.

    Once I pulled onto the interstate, I found the expected slow-moving traffic. But the radio traffic guys were reporting an accident 'way down the interstate (past where I would be getting off) and traffic slowdowns all along my route. I glanced at my Treo; the Traffic software still had the same NOT-up-to-date reading. The traffic continued inching along, my entire route along the interstate instead of one-third of the way. As I exited the interstate 40 min. later, stopped at a light and glanced at the Treo again, the Traffic program still didn't show any accidents and didn't show how extensive the slowdown was.

    So for me, the program is useless. I am curious to know how it gets its data and why it's so far behind. Perhaps the data are more current in other metro areas covered, or perhaps it will improve as time goes by. The two-week free trial should let you know that.

    If the data were current, then it would be useful in letting you know what areas to avoid. You'd still need a map book or knowledge of alternate routes.
    But since for metro Atlanta, at this point the data aren't current enough, it's just cute, and I'm deleting it.
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    I also did the free trial and subscribed for 1 month. With trial, I ended up with 2 full months because it pro-rates you for the partial first month and full next month on the first billing.
    I have cancelled rebilling so I will not continue in to October.
    I agree that this app is VERY COOL. I like that at once glance I can see all of the issues. However I too have noticed a disconnect between it's data and the data I receive elsewhere.
    Here in the Bay Area (California) I subscribe to got $20/year. You set up your routes and alerts (for SMS or email) and you also get a WAP URL for looking up your routes, as well as all regional accidents and slow traffic. I find sigalert to be much more reliable and often has incidents that the traffic app never shows.

    Also is it just me? I have trouble connecting to the server more than 50% of the time. I fire it up, refresh, and it times out. Eventually I can usually get a connection and then all subsequent refreshes work, so I assume it's a bug in the app. In any case it's so frustrating that I quit using it.
    When my sub. is up at the end of the month, I'll be deleting it. as well as "Dial 511" for free traffic info together get me all of the inoformation I need and it's more reliable. Sigalert is only $20 a year and I get SMS traffic alerts on my routes so I don't even have to proactively check traffic most of the time.
    I think most metropolitain areas have a better alternative to traffic. But for some people it may be the only choice, I don't really know. I just know for me it doesn't work well enough at all to pay $5 month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT

    When did they start charging? They used to be free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistercoffee1

    When did they start charging? They used to be free.
    Don't know when they started charging, but here's the Southern California page:
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    Maps are free on sigalert. (for mobile) or just for desktop PC.
    Just ignore the login on the mobile version and select to view the map.
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    Sisko: Thanks, that Socal link is the same, but free. Cool.

    Taylor: Thanks also, good site.
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    Here's quick access to the Los Angeles traffic maps:

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wernst
    Here's quick access to the Los Angeles traffic maps:

    even better. Thanks Warr!

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    New site that I was making up for my personal use.

    Just got the Treo this past weekend.

    If your on Long Island (South Shore), take a look, Will be adding more in the future.

    Trying to find cam's that will work on the Treo. Any thoughts, lemmie know.


    Steve the Stocktrader
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stocktrader
    New site that I was making up for my personal use.

    Just got the Treo this past weekend.

    If your on Long Island (South Shore), take a look, Will be adding more in the future.

    Trying to find cam's that will work on the Treo. Any thoughts, lemmie know.


    Steve the Stocktrader
    Good stuff make more
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    OK, so i moved from CA to Florida - don't need LA traffic anymore

    Anyone have something free for Orlando? XM drives me crazy because it's about 20 minutes behind......

    OH, and my Dad thanks you guys for the free LA sites - and asked if there was one for San Francisco

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckhunter

    thank you. Great info!!!
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    For a straight traffic cam viewer, TrafficEdge is pretty sweet (a J2me application, so you need to have the IBM Java Websphere components installed to run on this forum if you need help). You can find it at
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    I've been paying for Palm traffic at $5 per month and I don't use a lot, but it's nice to have and easier to use than web based applications.

    From a previous poster I tried on my web browser, put in a new route, and wow! I liked it. Tried another route, with a couple more connections and it was terrible. Trying to get from I285 @Riverside through downtown to the airport was a joke - it didn't have a clue how to connect the "exits".
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