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    I have a dialup ISP with unlimited minutes (in addition to my broadband - phew!)

    I've read about DUN, but only over bluetooth to a computer. Is there any way to just dial up an ISP from my treo and use my voice minutes instead of getting a data plan? It would be worth it to even upgrade my voice plan to have extra minutes to use for data...

    Possible? Discuss...

    If there is software available is it free?
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    I am also waiting for someone to answer this question, since I am not a heavy data user so dial-up is enough for me. Currently I am using unlocked treo 650 with TMO but want to swtich to either verizon or sprint. It would be great if I dail up my ISP through verizon treo. I use Netscape as my dial-up ISP. I know few people were able to do this, if so does it depends on your ISP or your wireless service provider (TMO or verizon)?
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    I have no idea. But why don't you guys try it out?? Seems like it might work....although, it'd have to use your voice minutes instead of data minutes. Nights and weekends seem like free game to me.

    But again....I have no idea.
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    It does work. I've gotten it to work on my VZ Treo 650. I've seen several other threads that I can't find now because its late but they also detail how to get it to work. Here's my setup to SBC Yahoo!

    Add a new Pref->Network->New Service

    Use "Virtual Modem"

    password: xxxx
    Phone Number: Your local SBC dial-up number

    special script:

    Send CR
    Send CR
    Send CR
    Send Username
    Send CR
    Send Password
    Send CR

    Thats pretty much it.
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    I got it working. I used prefs/netorking and then set connection as wireless dialup. From there I simply put in my un/pw and phone number.
    I had to call cingular and have them add something called CSD (circuit switched data) to my plan before it would work. Before I did that it would just say "connecting..." for a few seconds and then fail.
    I've heard of people getting it for free, but CSD cost me $3.99 a month

    I connected to my dialup ISP and it was pretty darn slow - I'll have to decide if it's even worth keeping (couldnt get it to download midis).

    Anyway, hope that helps!
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    When I try this I get the following:

    "To complete this request, you must connect to the internet. Would you like to connect now?"

    If I say yes to 'connect to the internet' wouldn't this connection use the CNG data network and not my minutes?

    If I select 'yes' then I get the "connecting..." messsage and nothing. Probably need CSD as well as sam-i-am. I don't see the green arrows indicating a data connection or an attempt at a data connection, so I guess it may actually not be using the data network.

    Can anybody clear up my confusion? Thanks guys, and yes I have read the various threads regarding dial up, however, the " must connect to the internet..." message is bothersome.
    CNG Locked 650.

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    I am sorry not to mention before before, but I did the above method to dial-up my netscape ISP through my unlocked TMO treo 650 but as soon as it says connecting it drops everything and can not make connection. I also tried calling TMO to add CSD but the rep said it's already there in my account!
    Can someone using TMO able to do this share the settings it would be great!!

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