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    Questions for GSM users who have never experienced a Treo Freeze up.
    1- Do you turn the Radio off at night when you go to sleep?
    2- The location that your Treo sits idle the most with the radio on ( Home, Work....). Does this location have a strong signal?
    Thank you for your responds
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    1: No, I leave it on.

    2: At work, I have a signal that drifts in and out all day long. At home, a strong signal.
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    1: Leave it on

    2: Signal is up and down at work and up and down at home also. Never lost a call or missed a call though.
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    1. No, I leave it on.

    2. I usually have a full signal or close to full.
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    I leave it on always. I have noticed that when I get a freeze up, the signal has fluctuated a bit. For example, on Saturday, I went Hiking in the mountains in Wallkill NY. The signal there was up and down depending on where I was on the mountain. When I went to make a call later that day, it froze and went into slow motion mode. Usually a reset fixes it.
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    1. Always on

    2. Up and down at work; 1 maybe 2 bars next to my bed at night.
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    Always on.

    At home and the office I usually get only one or two bars.

    But I don't drift out of signal, and it doesn't even try to roam, even tho roaming is free for me.

    Never crashed, never locked up.

    Not a once (I think).
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    I turn it off every night.

    I have a full signal at work.
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    I turn it off maybe 3 nights of the week.

    Signal at work is 1 to 2 bars, pretty crappy. At home, 4-5 bars.

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