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    anyone have a list of tested bluetooth GPS units and map software they work with. In particular I am looking for a BT GPS that will work with mapopolis. Please list if you have a particular combo you know works.
    TO start out, I have found (via search) that the following works:
    Holux GR 231 with mapopolis and a Treo650

    If you know the approx retail as well that would be great.
    ON another note, what brick and morter stores carry BT gps hardware. My local BB and COmpusa look with a blank vacant stare.
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    I am using a Treo 650 and I am using mapopolis and Tomtom5. They both work with the Holux Gr 231, I am also using the iTrek Bluetooth GPS. They both were around $100. I am looking to get rid of one of them if you know anyone who wants one.
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    Mapopolis and TomTom indicate the NMEA protocol necessary for GPS units to work with their programs. I'm sure other manufacturers do as well. Just check to see that the GPS meets the NMEA specs of the software product. Most new GPS hardware will meet a standard set of specs allowing them to work with most GPS software.

    Not many brick and morter stores carry these products because they rather sell the complete units like TomTom Go, StreetPilot, etc. since they make a larger profit on them and have less support issues to be concerned about. Two trusted and reliable online stores include and They sell bundles compatible products and you can also send them questions if your worried about compatibility.
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    Mapopolis crashes the T650 if you try to plan a route further than a few hundred miles as it uses the internal memory to store the calculation, I would say it is unsuitable for Treo.
    GPS units from most providers of BT devices will work with the 650, Tomtom in particular is very good IMHO

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