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    Ok, firstly, no this isn't the "dial delay" problem that sprint has. I do have sprint, but I got the new firmware the day it came out, and I've never had this particular problem until the other day.

    Every once in a while - and I can't see a pattern to it - I'll make a call, get the "dialing" screen, then it will sit there. It's not locked up - I can still tap the screen and get a response from it, the buttons blink and all, but tapping hangup or hitting the actual hangup button won't hang up the call.

    I can turn speakerphone on and off. That is, at least, it says it's turning on and off, but I can't know for sure, since It isn't an active call yet. Eventually it hangs up after at least 60 seconds, if not more.

    Anyone have any ideas? Seen this before?
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    I have the EXACT same problem and it has only been happeneing for the last week. I can't tell what is different on my treo to cause it.
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    really? well THAT makes it even weirder, if it's only been happening to you the last week as well

    anyone else? Surely this is no coincidence?
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    i have this also, this bug and the ring that wont stop are bugs that come with your treo. nothing but a firmware update can fix these issues.
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    Any of you running Butler or that company's Phone Tweaker program (forget the name since I deleted it)?
    Thought I'd ask b/c since if either of those are owned & unregistered, they'll cause the same result. Another example of totally unnecessary arm-wrestling for registration!!

    Hope this helps.
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    I have the same problem, ever since I updated to the latest firmware. I do havebutler, but I am a regsitered user, its either dial delay or hang up delay, I wish sprint/palm would get their heads out of their butts and get things right for once.
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    Well, glad to know it isn't just me, but that sucks!
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    Any news on this?
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    I've had this problem for months (with Sprint) - I can almost always repeat this problem if I dial after immediately receiving an SMS. I always have to remove the battery and/or soft reset to get it to go away.

    It also happens in areas where I know I'm jumping between two towers.

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    Same here.. It's almost ALWAYS when I accidentally call the wrong person and start hitting the Red button to hang up before it really calls them.. In reality it winds up calling them and USUALLY hanging up on them after they've already answered.

    I don't see this otherwise, so maybe hitting the Red button before it's really ticks it off? I might experiment with it.

    I'm still on FW 1.28 on GSM.

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