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    Quote Originally Posted by imitrovic
    Try 3 x 3 thing... I have no issues with that setting here...
    3x3 works. It does seem to center your result. It does take a while to download all that data though.

    Thanks for the quick modification! Any chance of getting a disconnect option added?

    Any pop-up type programs available that will close the network connection within a program?


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    Quote Originally Posted by imitrovic
    Make sure you don't get one from browser cache.... The version is still 1.1, but you will know that you got the right one if you have "Clear Settings" menu item in Help.
    Ivan, thanks, had some problems with update but now it's just perfect - stopped nagging me about connection permission (although after first update to 1.1 it didn't!)

    Settings are now OK, I can invoke the window all right...

    Thanks a lot - great job!
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    Sorry, haven't read the whole thread yet, but is there any timetable to when satellite images will be enabled? That would be sweet!

    Also, thanks so much for this app. IT's nice to see a workable solution for google maps on the Treo since gmaps never worked!!
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    This application cos me $500.00 bucks...... I showed it to my wife..... now she wants a Treo..
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    3x3 works ok for me as well. You are right in that the loading time is much more tedious. Will probably use 2x2 most of the time (4 vs 9 tiles) and then just walk to the wall if I need more area. No issues with settings.
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    I've got it up and running and have a bit of a handle on it. I am running into a problem though. Say I have my Home map and it's on the screen. I then take the littl dude and go wandering around. I get to the edge of the map and walla, the next tile down loads. Perfect.

    However, at zoom level 2 where the actual street names show, I can only wander a short distance - less than 2 miles from the home title before I get a bitmap error and the thing crashes! I've got an empty 1 GB SD ultra so it seems you are limited by the remaining Palm memory, which is in short supply to begin with, then you're suddenly SOL. Any way to tap into the card memeory for more headroom. Sure would be nice to be able to save a nice large detailed map!

    That and some instructions would be a real help!
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    Mrmagloo how much free internal memory do you have?
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    ~4-5 MB. Hurts when everything refuses being installed on the card.

    Here's the message when I click the Details Button after the crash:

    java.lang.Error: Unable to allocate bitmap memory.
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.Image.convertImage(Native Method)
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.Image.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.Image.createImage(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at<init>(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.CanvasPeer.dispatchKeyEvent(Unknown Source)
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.DisplayablePeer.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.DisplayPeer.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.AppManager.launch(Unknown Source)
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.AppManager.main(Unknown Source)
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    I'll address some memory issues soon... Still looks like that the people don't have issues with the memory when running KMaps.

    The best thing to do would be to write a failry simple PC application that would fetch Google Maps to your PC so you could save them on SD for offline browsing in KMaps, rather than making the "the littl dude" tired. I am thinking about this and it would really take an hour or two to develop, however, I am not sure if this kind of brute force map ripping is something that Google would turn the blind eye at. I was imagining a situation where people would sell SDs preloaded with certain areas...
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    Also, if you go to your "Prefs" you can find "IBM and Java" item there that when clicked opens a sort of a control panel. You may want to assign more maximum memory allowed to Java than your current setting is...
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    I had no idea that there was anything in Prefs..

    I have the Global settings

    Max Memory: 1Mb
    Max Java Thread Stack Size: 2 Kb

    What do you recommend, considering the design of KMaps?
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    I went to Java prefs, and to Kmaps, and cranked both the Max Memory and Thread stack, and at 2x zoom, I could still only 6 3x3 tiles before it crashed. That didn't seem to be any better than before from what i can tell. I just did a hard reboot to see if that helps. If so, I'll report back right away. Thx!
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    After the reboot, I got 7 3x3's then the crash shooting for number 8. Oh well.
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    Well mrmagloo I put Mr.Joggsalot to the test and had him run accross 11 3x3s before he just happened to notice a fine young hot thing out tending to her garden. Mr. Joggsalot told me he was 'unable to allocate bitmap memory' which in my foreign country (Shawnee, Kansas) translates to 'Knockin boots'. So I let him be. But no crash.
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    Well, again, KMaps was not intended to fetch the Google worth of maps to your SD... 7 3X3 tiles is good enough at this stage of implementation, but I agree that it is not good enough on the long run. I will address map memory issues and optimization sometime next week (when I find some free time. I have my daily job, too)... I first plan to add the map of the directions and to display the directions text in a decent way as the directions implementation is really just basic as it stands now. Didn't help me a lot when I was driving last week...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrfaris
    Can you give a little more info on how the time is calculated. I put in a .7 m trip and got a 1 min time for the trip. This is with the default 3.0 walking speed. I tried changing the setup walking speed and that did not change the calculation. What is this time intended to be? It would be great if it would reflect an estimate of the walking time for the calculated trip.
    This was my mistake. I was confusing times provided by google (using from here/to here) with times calculated by the Kmap line on the map. The latter use the walking speed & the former appear to be estimated drive times.

    I do notice that the on-map commands (l, c, b etc) are case sensitive and seem to use lower case only. When I entered the map with caps lock on, I couldn't get the commands to work. So if you have that problem toggle the shift key.
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    Mine keeps saying it's missing the Java when it searches for the map, but I had the Java installed for the other version of KMaps, why isn't it working on this version? Here's what it does:

    X Oops! Host lookup failed: null - nonexistant DNS name (0x123E)
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    Quote Originally Posted by imitrovic
    The best thing to do would be to write a failry simple PC application that would fetch Google Maps to your PC so you could save them on SD for offline browsing in KMaps, rather than making the "the littl dude" tired. I am thinking about this and it would really take an hour or two to develop
    That would be truely cool. My wife and I were just in Hollywood, CA and I used Kmaps several times while we were out walking and wanted to find a certain restaraunt or attraction. (And even once when we wound up completely lost several blocks from our hotel. I simply put in the address of the building across the street from us and when the map came up I was able to locate us and our hotel right away. Without KMaps it would have taken us much longer to figure out where we were)

    In any case, it would have been really cool if we would have been able to download the entire hollywood area before we left. Since we referred to kmaps several times during the trip it would have been much quicker if the maps had already been loaded.

    If I get a vote (and I probably don't because I haven't sent my donation in yet) I'd recommend a bulk load PC app as well as a bulk load Palm app. Personally I hate connecting my Treo to my PC and try to do so as little as possible (simply because nearly everything can be done on the Treo itself and I don't always have a PC near me to use). I'd love to be able to tell the Treo to just download an entire city's worth of maps to the SD card and let it go do it. Even if it took it 5 or 10 minutes for the download (The ability to do it in the background would be even better, but I'm sure that's much more involved). I do think a PC app would be nice occasionally because it would be quicker, but I wouldn't want to see it limited to only the PC.

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    Is it correct that one can not download and save a google map on the desktop PC?
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    Try running the application over!
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