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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespaulritter
    This is a general google map question. When I put in an address that I know exists google maps cant find it. What could be the problem?
    Did you ever get an answer to this? I have exactly the same problem. Java and Kmaps loaded up fine (though I have two files labeled IBM Java VM, one 32K and one 12K, both with the same version number--maybe something screwed up in install?), but no matter what I search for (and I know they're strings that will work in Google Maps) I get "Not found."

    Anybody have any ideas? I have about 5 megs free.
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    grappler are you able to pull up a new search in kmaps rigt now? Were trying to figure out if kmaps is down in general.

    As far as google not pulling up all addresses I have had the same problem. I think they spent to much time worring about satilite imagrey because i sware yahoo has a bigger map database. If kmaps (google) cant pull it up then directory assistant (yahoo map quest) can fill in the missed pieces.
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    Google has changed their interface this morning. Looking at the structure of their new data format I have a sense that they are going to start commercializing on Local Search soon. Buy Google stock while it lasts

    Anyway, because of the Google interface change, KMaps had to be updated to handle this change and you can take the latest version from KMaps web site at (
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    Well if google will soon be cashing in on us then at least you Ivan will mabe get some coinage for this wonderful program in which they will charge you for and in return you can charge us for
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    That worked. Thanks for the quick turn around!

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    So google anounced today a big deal with Sun Java corp. And of course java is the number 1 operating system on phones. Google is testing their ability to restrict access to is services via mobile devices. Google is already an embeded search tool on numerous models. Sounds like the number one search tool is about to launch a kmap style product with a subscription service on the most widely used operating system. It is indeed time to buy stock in google.

    And that will be the end of kmaps
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    I think it is really about Google launching the office product to compete with Microsoft Office, rather than a mobile application. It'll take a bit until they release mobile location aware application.

    I actually tried to lift KMaps a bit above simple Google Map mobile implementation by adding Location Aware Services and using Google Maps just as user interface for those services. Check out the latest KMaps Location Service - Local Marketplace (today's release) for the example of the value that can be added via Location Services to the basic mapping capabilities. Also, Location Aware Messages are used quite a lot by KMaps users... All, these services provide additional value on the top of Google Maps and that is where the value of KMaps as platform is going to be...
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    I can see it now, search and rescue teams tagging their locations, collaborating a shared view of the rescue team positions via GPS and google on their cell phones, a group of teenagers photo blogging and flagging their where bouts during a scavenger hunt, a UPS driver pulling up a quick map, directions and ETA on an unscheduled stop or a hunter on a weekend trip marking his coordinates via GPS cellphone as he ventures off into the woods. And google will be pulling in a few bucks a month from every lost tourist, city dweller looking for a parking spot and mother whipping out their little flip phones the find the closest bathroom for little Johnny.
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    Ivan would it be a good idea to make an option in kmaps to allow users to only save maps if they want to? I use kmaps daily but rarely want to save maps.

    I dont want to overflow my card but i dont want to go and delete folders randomly because I would end up deleting a map that i would want to view off line.
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    Yes, I am working on that. There will be option to selectively purge map images as well... However, it should take a while until you run out of SD space because of maps. They are not that large...
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    Hey I need some tips on finding coordinates for kmaplets. I want to create kmaplets with direct links to the traffic cams found here:

    The problem is I can only find cooridinates for addresses, not intersections. Any suggestions?
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    I am running KMaps from RAM. When I try to select the SD card from the Help/Settings/Store Maps on... field, nothing happens. It won't let me enter data or click on the field, or give me a popup menu to select the SD card. Any ideas? Do I need to delete KMaps prefs or something?

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    If you had more than one SD card in a device that field would give you the option to change the destination. But since the device your using only has one card you cannot toogle options in the field.

    But thats just a guess.
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    I think you may be right. KMaps created a gmaps folder on the SD card and appears to be saving data there.

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    I added new service for Upcoming Local Events that I think is fairly useful. It lets you post local events (concerts etc.) and view the events posted by the others and create reminders for those events in your calendar. Of course, since location aware, these events can be mapped and their addresses selected for directions etc.

    In other words, if you know of an interesting event that happens somewhere (e.g. concert in the club), find location of that place (e.g. club) and write event info and event date and time. The other KMaps users will be able to view the event you posted and create reminder in their calendars if interested.

    You'll have to take the latest
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    How do I delete gmaps from my sd card? I can see the filenames, but under "size" it does not show any amount and there is no delete option for all the filenames under gmaps.
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    With a file manager you select what you want to delete then tap menu and toggle to delete.
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    I just installed Kmaps and it rocks. Is the only way to run it from the SD card is to first install it into memory and then move it to the card?
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    I really want to use this awesome sounding program, I travel for work every week and this would come in real handy. I followed the directions and everything, installed the IBM Java package to RAM. Tried Kmaps on both RAM and my sd card, and when I try to search for anything it gives me the " lookup failed:
    null - nonexistant DNS name (0x123E)" error. I used FileZ to delete all of the Java files from RAM, and all of the Kmap stuff from my SD Card and RAM (although I can't find pimop.prc when i install it to RAM). Then I re-installed Java to RAM and re-installed Kmaps to RAM. Same error. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I only get part of a map to show. It's not covering the whole screen. Anyone know why ?

    BTW, great application and nice work Imitrovic.

    Edit: I think what I mean is how do I set it to recieve more than just the tile the address is on ?
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