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    A pc app to go with KMaps sounds awsome Ivan! Can't wait for the release!!
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    Hi Ivan!
    When are you planning on releasing the Desktop companion?
    I can't wait to fill up my SD Card!!!
    No need for any other Map software anymore :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by imitrovic
    Well, in theory yes... If you have enough maps saved, you should be able to go through your town with the maps being pulled off SD instead of from Internet. However, it is almost impossible to save that many maps as needed at various zooms. I guess one needs to cover the area of the home city in zooms 0, 1 and 2 and for that many maps to be stored on SD you need to spend many hours with your Treo and count bytes as they download.

    I created a PC program that fetches me the maps of the area at the selected zoom and the selected range. I then move those maps from my PC to SD. For example, I have 40 miles of Boston stored on my SD in zooms 0, 1 and 2. You need a nice size SD though. I have 2GB one. Boston zoom 0 took almost 150 MB of images. Higher zooms normally take less storage for the same area (twice less). I will soon roll this program out for KMappers to store maps on their SDs. The online mode should be there normally, but more as a backup, e.g. you find yourself in some "unknown" area for which you don't have maps saved etc.. In other words, for KMaps to be fully usable you need to have the combination of offline and online maps available and use both of them when applicable. I am still making some changes to make this fetching a bit more friendly process, but this application will soon come out and make your kmapping easier...

    And yes, if you saved map of the area starting from some address and you search for another address inside that area, KMaps will use saved map from SD and just place a marker on an appropriate place.

    If you have SD, Kmaps saves maps on SD automatically. See folder called gmaps on your SD...
    I must say you should tread lightly on this application. Google does not like it when you are copying data from their servers to save and I would hate to see you application get shut down.

    I'm sure you have heard about gmerge is the first google map service to be taken down.
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    yeah google, the new microsoft, and microsoft, the new IBM..go figure
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    I will release the Desktop Companion either today or tomorrow... I have to polish it a bit before the release... Yeah, I am aware of gmerge. However, the Desktop Companion does the same KMaps is already doing (storing images on SD) and it doesn't modify map images, which I think wasn't the case with gmerge that used to stich them together in a larger image, right? Also, even your PC Browser caches images locally when you view Google Maps, doesn't it? Moreover, KMaps is for non-commercial use only and if Google doesn't like it for any reason, they will notify me, I guess, and I would have to respect that, since the images are their property, and I would remove the Desktop Companion from the site. Although I think it won't happen, since KMaps is one of the few mobile implementations and being implemented for the mobile phones only it is way below any of the Google's radars. And if Google shuts KMaps down, that would then mean that Google has the mobile Google Maps alternative in the development, which can only be a good news.

    But it is worth trying since it makes KMaps way more usable. It is the flexibility of the combination of offline and online mode that is needed in mapping applications. You may store your often used maps for offline mode, still having the others available for online view. In other words, you should never be without the map when on the go... And if KMaps is not to have this flexibility available, then it would be a serious drawback...

    On the other hand, the size of the maps is quite large (due to FAT), once cached. I don't think that everyone will be happy with that and there is not much I can do about it at this point. I have the mother of all SDs (2GB one), so I am OK with getting Boston in zooms 0, 1, 2, but people with smaller SDs may not be able to get more than couple of miles in a few zooms... Also, since the map tiles are all separate and you will have thousands of them cached, it takes a bit of the time to move them from PC to SD card... I will try to optimize both size and copying in later releases...

    But even the small area cahced should be helpful. I have tile settings set to 3 x 3 tiles and 9 tiles are rendered in about 6-7 seconds when getting from cache... Makes it much more GPS friendly once GPS (LBS) integration comes in place...
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    looking forward to the desktop companion...

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    I know this is probably a non-starter to begin with...but I just had to ask whether at some point if you had ever considered porting Kmaps to a native palm app instead of java? I'm not sure in the complexities of that, but it would make this app (which already amongst the best ever Treo maps period) even better!
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    I think he wants to port it to other phone/pda platforms eventually. Thus the reliance on Java.
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    My Dream App:

    kMaps (best maps by far) + Vindigo (Restaurant Reviews, etc.) + DA (more lookup options)

    Love kmaps - Thanks imitrovic - keep up the great works!
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    Like pretty much everyone else, I think your application is great. I do have a couple of suggestions, though.

    1. As mentioned by someone earlier, a more visual representation of traffic data would be very helpful. It might not even take much work, because someone already did something similar at Is it possible to add a setting to take traffic map squares/markers from there instead of directly from google? Perhaps it could be a separate function in the menu.

    2. Some sort of immediate indication the application is working would be nice. For example, when I click on 'Go' in the search page, it takes about 10 seconds before the code indicates it's searching.

    Edited: Actually, there's a list of sites that add functionality to google maps here:
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    They also take the Traffic Data from Yahoo and display on Google Maps, the same way KMaps does. KMaps can display all the traffic markers on the map at the same time, but they are too large apart (sometimes 50-60 miles depending on the area chosen). It is just tough to handle several miles of the area on a small device as the next marker is too far away and you need to scroll a lot to it or jump to it somehow. If you zoom it out too high to fit them all on the screen, then all of the markers are not distinguishable due to a small screen size. If you have several locations not many miles apart, that may be OK but still questionable. I tried it and I didn't like it. I couldn't see other markers and I had to connect them with "blue line" to know where to go to for the next one...

    So, we really have to find a way to understand what is the best way to display multiple markers (addresses) that are miles apart on a small device in a usable way. I still didn't find out a usable solution for that. For the moment, I think that listing all of the traffic data and jumping on a map to see one by one is OK and I made some changes to make that process easier and more user friendly... 1.5 that is to come very soon will have some usability fixes related to this...

    10 seconds is really too high... It really connects to Google first and then gets the data... It pretty much is the same what you see on your PC browser when it says "Waiting for" for example. So, it is initial connection that is the issue. Is your connection OK? Does this happen only when you perform the first search or it happens to all searches within a session. Do the other users have the similar issue?

    As for the sites that exercise Google Maps API, you will soon be able to do this on KMaps with so called KMaplets and KMaplets look really cool. You'll see soon...
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    Hi imitrovic!
    I am using Kmaps on my T5 and I noticed that it takes a long time for stored maps to display.
    It takes sometimes almost a minute until the maps show up.
    I have them stored on my INTERNAL card.
    Also, is there a way to choose, on which card I store the maps?
    Under the preference I see my SD card twice, but not my INTERNAL card.
    If I use bluetooth connection, it saves my maps to the SD card, if I use my WIFI card, it saves them to the INTERNAL.
    I have to manually move the directory to the card I want.

    Also, any news about the desktop companion?

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    I optimized load from SD in version 1.5 that is coming up. It is much faster then it used to be. Desktop Companion should be released after 1.5... I say "should be" as I am now getting second thoughts and some negative signals due to the possible copyright issues that were already discussed in this forum... If it is released, there has to be clear separation from KMaps... Will see...
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    You're right. I should have actually timed the delay before posting a number. I think the longest anything took was actually 4 seconds which isn't terrible. I was mostly suggesting an immediate 'working..' message the instant a button is pushed. I don't mean to be critical, because your app is great and all. I just thought it would add a more professional feel to it.

    For the traffic data, is it possible to store the traffic incidents in memory and display them dynamically when a square is loaded onto the screen?
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    I just installed KMaps and am getting the error: "Oops! The operation timed out"

    I think this is probably because I barely get service where I am, but can anyone confirm this?
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    yes. try again...
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    I tried Kmaps, and while it is most impressive, it isn't ready for my uses yet.

    I had a devil of a time deleting ALL the stuff that Kmaps and then the Java package installed all over my treo. I am pretty sure I got it all (I wish I had kept accurate track of free space before installing it all), but since you are dealing with all this stuff all the time, perhaps you could add a page in the Wiki about what files to delete with Filez (or similar) to cleanly remove everything.

    (Generally, I had to look for every installed file, look for any files with a J9* creator, and any files with an IVAN creator.)

    I can tell you that simply choosing Delete from the Home screen will NOT remove even 20% of all the files...

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    If you delete KMaps from Home Screen, KMaps itself will go away with all its internal databases. That is guaranteed. However, deleting KMaps won't delete Java automatically. Java is a separate application and you have to delete it separately from KMaps. But you need to delete KMaps first. There are instructions on about how to remove Java from Palm. In general, you have to delete all files that have J9* as a creator. I am deleting KMaps all the time, but not Java... Also, you have to delete gmaps folder on SD where KMaps stores map images...
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    Thanks for the response. I deleted Kmaps through the "delete" functionality built into LauncherX, and it most definately left files that I had to manually clear out files myself.

    Following the page you posted, I can see that I apparently DID delete all of Java, assuming that the page isn't omitting anything. Here is the direct link to the Uninstall Java page, which says:

    If you want to remove the Java J2ME virtual machine MIDP 2.0 from your device:

    1. Important: Some Java applications can be downloaded over-the-air (OTA), and installed using the IBM Java VM application (also called MIDlet HQ on early versions of the Java J2ME VM). These applications cannot be deleted once you delete the Java VM. Therefore, you need to delete them now, before you delete the Java VM. To delete a Java J2ME application (MIDlet):
    1. Launch the IBM Java VM application.
    2. Select the application to delete.
    3. Select the Midlet List menu.
    4. Choose Delete.
    5. Repeat for all Java applications in the IBM Java VM application.
    2. Now you can delete the Java VM. Access the Applications launcher.
    3. Open the Menu launcher.
    4. From the App menu, choose Delete.
    5. Delete the following files:
    * IBM Java VM
    * J9 Exchanger
    * J9 Java Launcher
    * J9 MIDP Bundle
    * J9 Java VM
    * JavaVMCheck_enUS

    Note: If you accidentally delete the Java VM and still have some Java applications lingering, you'll need to re-install the Java VM, delete the Java applications, and then re-delete the Java VM. Download the latest version of the Java VM (IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment).

    Again, thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to checking out future versions.

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    Does that still leave fileconn.prc and pimdll.prc on the system? These have J9FC and J9PL as creators. I'm not sure if they belong on the Treo if Java is deleted.

    I doubt that deleting Kmaps (with a different creator ID) will delete these 2 files.
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