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    You can get it directly from That is all what upgrade button does, just opens this url in your browser...
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    Thanks Ivan, 1.2.1 is great. The "default location" and the "Show text when opening the map" settings are very much appreciated
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    guys, I'm having a yell of a time trying to download Java so I can use Kmaps - can anyone post the link for me? I get as far as adding the user info and then it says - "cookies need to be enabled" ugggg!
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    I downloaded the new .prc to my computer and hotsynced it over but now get the following message when i try to use the application:

    at java.lang.Class.verifyImpl(Native Method)
    at java.lang.Class.verify(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Class.initialize(Unknown Source)
    at b.d.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at b.d.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.ivan.gmaps.KMaps.startApp(Unknown Source)
    at javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletAccessor.startApp(Unknown Source)
    at javax.microedition.lcdui.AppManager$ Source)

    [edit]Figured it out. When I upgraded, I only brought over the Kmaps.prc, I guess if you have one of the really early versions, you have to install all 3 files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2
    guys, I'm having a yell of a time trying to download Java so I can use Kmaps - can anyone post the link for me? I get as far as adding the user info and then it says - "cookies need to be enabled" ugggg!
    Did you get it going OK?
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    OMG! this is friggen awesome!!! Current traffic conditions is up and running

    I tried it a few days ago and a few days before that and got nothing. I was thinking Ivan hadnt enabled it yet. Did it work for others? This is the first day it worked for me. Coooool
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    There had to be Traffic Feed available for your area... I take Yahoo Traffic Real-Time report... There is a small update available on Selecting Contacts is now easier since you can now lookup in a Palm style. Also, I added GeoTag Location Service for people who use Flickr to upload their Location photos... More about GeoTagging at You can now take photos with your Treo when on some location, use KMaps to get GeoTag info and upload using Blazer... Tutorial will come soon...
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    Yes, about traffic condition, I guess no news is good news. No incidents on the roads is what you want to have while driving
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    I have a suggestion: When I chose Local services related to this location, you already know the location and whether there are any General notes or Resturants etc for that location. Why not list the # of such items in the database (for that location) on the right side of the page where you display the "Services for this Place"?

    That will prevent us from tapping on items and finding out that there are no information (Not found) for that place. This will also cut down on traffic to your database site, as we won't query for information that we know doesn't exist..
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    I actually plan to add a criteria panel where you will be able to select the range in miles (e.g. 0.5, 1 or 2) or to get all the notes regardless of location... Getting them on oppening means network call and there will be services that won't need network at all, e.g. GeoTagging, or Calling, Opening URL in Browser... I guess some sort of usability reorg will be needed, but we first have to make KMaps feature complete... I plan to finish Directions, add Location Based Messaging, make sur ethat Dating works and that people who post dating profile can actually exchange messages, and add KMaplets which I think will be the real opening of KMaps to the external world. You will be able to create your own content so other KMaps user would be able to see it...
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    Wow this is awesome, I'm playing around with it an although there aren't notes (yet) in the Boston area, I will use this all the time and can't wait for it to catch on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by imitrovic
    There had to be Traffic Feed available for your area... I take Yahoo Traffic Real-Time report...
    This is a great application! I was very much looking forward to using location based services, but didn't find anything in my area. I tried traffic data for the nearest large city (since my own city doesn't have it on Yahoo Traffic). Denver, CO shows traffic data (actually, only road maintenance data and not real-time traffic, but still there's data) on Yahoo directly. However, when I try to download traffic data from KMaps, it doesn't show anything. I even tried San Francisco, which has real-time traffic incidents on Yahoo Traffic, and still KMaps finds nothing. I used 40 mile radius and minor and up. In the "Not Found" screen, it shows "traffic for CA" or "traffic for CO." I'm not sure if that's related to the problem (acting like it looked it up for the state and not the city). I'm running KMaps 1.2.1.

    Any ideas?

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    I think all the information has to be built up by the users of KMaps. I could be wrong ..

    I was wondering exactly how I was supposed to contribute to the local information database.. Say I spot a celebrity at a roadside intersection, or an empty parking spot, or something.. How do I specify the location of the said celebrity? or the parking spot?

    I don't have a GPS unit, otherwise the latitude/longitude would have been the obvious answer. Obviously, the address I choose to report a, say, public restroom, has to be understood by the software. That's how it can make a connection if someone asks for the location of a restroom that is 4 blocks from an address/location nearby that the user enters ...
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    Any one get this error on Treo 600 when trying to access the palm contacts?

    I get it when selecting Search from contacts on KMaps 1.2.1. It comes up after about 20 secs or so after selecting the menu option.

    java.lang.SecurityException: access to deined by protection domain

    I also get similar errors when KMaps tries to access other Palm apps like when trying to GeoTag a location.

    java.lang.SecurityException: access to deined by protection domain

    Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

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    JM version = J9 2.1 ARM (20040123)

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    Kmap is pretty cool.
    But it takes alot of space on my T650 since it requires the IBM Java environment. I've just uninstalled it because I found that Directory Assitance(free) does 95% of what the kmap can do with faster speed & it only takes a fraction of storage space as kmaps. Plus I just installed TomTom Navigator 5(amazingly useful even if you don't have a GPS receiver!! such as planning route by POI or address, real time traffic & weather update and more....).
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    Actually, you have to be a bit more location specific when asking for Traffic Report. Just entering San Francisco, or CA or USA won't work in KMaps. It works on Yahoo because Yahoo assigns a default zip code to your search, if you don't supply one, thus narrowing it to a specific area (e.g. it defaults San francisco to 94103. KMaps doesn't do that by default. In KMaps you have to start with the specific point, e.g. address and then look for the Traffic Reports. For example, if you search for "San Francisco 94103" in KMaps you should get the same report. However, when you are on the go, you are really at some specific address/location and KMaps will give you Traffic Report around that location. E.g. let's say you are on Times Square in New Tork and you want to drive out of the city. Enter "Times Square New York" in search and select the address, then look for Traffic Report around that address. Again, just supplying the zip code with your search would make it work like Yahoo. I don't have a database of default zip codes available to do the same area narrowing Yahoo does, but, I don't think that it is much important to have that at this phase. So, for the moment, you will have to enter something like "New York 10018", instead of just "New York". This would be the lowest specific area KMaps would accept for Traffic Report. I admit that Traffic Report Item shouldn't appear in the first place when KMaps is not capable of narrowing, like in just "San Francisco" case...
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    You are right about addresses. KMaps is not a replacement for GPS. You have to enter your location and then ask Google for your position. E.g. if you spot a celebrity on the corner of Congress Street and Franklin Street in Boston, you would enter "Franklin St & Congress St Boston" and get the location from Google, then go to Location Srevices related to that address and do things from there... By the way, I like this ability to pinpoint the corner with "street1 & street2 city" search, since when in the city I am most of the time relating myself to the corner of the two streets...
    I understand that Sprint has some service that can provide your location just based on your mobile phone signal, without the need for GPS... I got some documents and will serioulsy look into that. If possible, that would add a totally new dimension to the whole thing (e.g. "I am lost" feature, "Location Based Reminder" - start alarm when you enter some place, rather than on predefined time etc...) Will look at that as soon as other stuff is completed. I will also look into KMaps integration with bluetooth GPS devices... But basic features have to come first. Again, directions are very basic now and have to be mapped and displayed much better with the ability to save many of them. I also have to finish location based messaging where you will be able to exchange messages in anonymous manner with the others when at some location. This will work, for example, with the Dating Profile stuff. You would be able to post your dating profile and then people around you would be able to send messages to your nickname (one that you submit in profile) and you would be able to reply...
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    Your software has the potential to be a blockbuster when completed and implemented. It sounds pretty complicated to pull off, though. I look forward to evaluating and using it as it evolves..
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    I'll soon start wiki on and have a place where people will submit bugs, usability improvements, tips and ideas for the new features. That should make up for the lack of a serious tutorial. I got a lot of ideas from people and it would be nice to have them at one place... E.g. GeoTagging idea was not mine. I think that GeoTagging is very cool and you will be able to take location based photos, geotag them and upload from your Treo and there should be a tutorial on how to do that soon...
    As for the size of the application and JVM, yes, it is sizeble, however, the hardware is improving fast and the new phone (Treo) releases should make the application size issue non-important on the not so long run IMO. Java speed and stability will also increase, for sure... We had this problem on PCs few years ago (the size and the speed of Java applications) and it is not an issue anymore. Java is the most secure and portable platform out there is and many people value that, me included. E.g. I should be able to port KMaps to Blackberry devices in a fairly short amount of time which should increase KMaps Location Services usage. Java is pretty much like English language when it comes to communication and portability...
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    By the way, has anyone noticed Japanese maps? When in KMaps, search for "Tokyo Japan" then Map it and play around. Those maps look really look and fairly different from the "western" type of maps.

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