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    I got it installed and now my 650 seems to spontaniously reset itself and come back with the phone off. I've removed almost everything and and slowly re-installing stuff. I cant tell if it was a combination of having this and Ptunes or Acrobat or what but I thought I would see if anyone else had experienced similar behavior.

    In theory i would love to be able to use this. But its not worth the space saving if it corrupts the aps it zips or causes crashing on the phone.
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    Send an email to them and get the latest beta. I think that the 3.6 line of FlyZip works very well with the Treo 650. I am using it on mine currently with no problems in months.
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    Hmm... Well I just put through my big software order (which didn't include FlyZipXR) so I guess I will wait for the beta to be released and give it another shot. Couple of the apps that I zipped would corrupt every time which then meant that I couldnt delete them from Uninstall Manager and had to re-install and then remove. Just a pain in the ***.

    If it WORKED the way its supposed to, without fouling up my treo it would easily be a must have app.
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    This program can't compare to Resco Explorer!! No way!!

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