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    Latest Sprint Firmware 1.12

    Anyone notice that once you've hit the phone button during a call -- for any reason (e.g., want to see keyboard again!) -- you are in "Flash Mode."

    This is a huge problem because, as far as I can tell, you cannot send touch tones (DTMF?) to computers, etc. once you're in Flash Mode.

    I realize there is a "dialpad" touch button on the phone call app now. But I always used to return to phone app screen by hitting the phone button.

    And now when I do this, I enter the dreaded "Flash Mode" and can't send tones.

    Anyone else having this problem? Is there a solution?
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    Me too! I was trying to check the time while I was on a call and decided to hit the phone button to get back to the main phone app screen. I was in flash mode (I'm pretty sure it kept me from holding a conversation too) and couldn't get out!
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    I just upated tp 1.12 toay and do not have this problem. Working fine or me.

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