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    I'm sure this has been covered before but I'm not so sure what terms to search for. I hate to be the turd-noob but this issue is really frustrating the crap out of me. When I am talking on the phone, if I get a notification of any sort, the freaking thing buzzes. If i have it on ring (instead of vibrate), then the speaker makes a loud noise. It wouldnt be so bad if I knew how to check the freaking notification withOUT having to end my call. But, during phonecalls, I have my touch screen disabled (I have fat cheeks... keeps pressing buttons). Anyway.... is there a way to stop the notifications or at least have them only notify me ONCE and not repeatedly....

    thanks and sorry for the noob question....
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    Not sure about P-T, but one nice thing about T-G is that is sounds the alarms AFTER you hang up, so you don't miss them completely.

    As far as checking the alerts while the screen is locked, just use the 5-way to select the on-screen button you want to activate, and press the center button. If you've got the flashing alert snowflake in the upper left corner, you can just press and hold the center button to see what it is.
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    Thanks for the tips! that center button tip was/is very helpful. Will check out the TG and the PT.

    thanks again,

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