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    Hi, all. I don't want to be anal about all this, but, I would like to get some clarification/opinions before I go ahead.

    My Treo was originally Blue (CNB and no cingular logo on the case). I did an internet based unlock, which worked great. I have installed the 1.28 firmware and 1.13-ROW software. All is working quite well. DUN works, the sound was better, and I had a little more room in RAM.

    Select Network allows me to pick from blue and orange towers in my area, which I could not do before, and which is REALLY helpful where I live.

    Now, is there a real advantage to installing the new update from Cingular? Since the CNB version of the upgrade is in limbo, I have no problem with installing the CNG one, I guess.

    But I don't want to lose the Select Network, etc.

    So, with everything working ok, is there a distinct advantage upgrading? I know "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" but like everyone else on this board I have a burning desire to monkey with stuff if I can.

    I've looked at the other threads, but want to try to pull these particular issues together.


    Cingular Treo 650
    FW 01.51 SW Treo650-1.b17-CNG
    Mac OSX.4.6
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    As you said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, if you do want to experiment, there is a .prc that you can download for the new firmware that will enable "Select Network", do a search in this forum and you'll easily find it.

    BTW, I'm sticking with 1.28 ROW, it is solid for me.
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    If you have a Blue (former ATTWS) SIM, then you needn't worry about the network selection menu, because Blue SIMs don't disable it anyway.

    The problem is only with Orange SIMs, which tell the phone to disable that option. An unpatched 650 will honor that request, so a patched Phone application is required if you have an Orange SIM and want your Treo to ignore the SIM's request and leave that option available.
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