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    WTF is print me and why cant I kill it off????

    I had installed Acrobat Reader for palm previously, but in the process of playing the FlyzipXR had to kill it off, now when I download and re-install it installes PrintME as well and I cant appear to remove it because its protected.

    I cant use Uninstall Manager, I can send it to the trash bin, but it wont allow itself to be removed after it goes to the bin.

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    I was just able to delete it no problem using the standard Treo delete functionality.
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    I've reset the phone several times and its still locked...
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    Wierd, if i disabled zlauncher and did it from the native palm ui it did get deleted...

    jeeeze. What a pain.

    Not to mention after installing Ringo and something else (flyzip xr I believe it was) my phone would reset itself randomly when an incoming call would come in, or when you would hang up.

    Just what i needed... *sigh*
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    Try using the free app Filez and see if you can unlock the app to delete it.
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