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    If you opt for something like Databk5, as I understand this is a replacement to the built in Calendar/Notes/Tasks software in the Treo. After you install Databk5 do you remove the original software? And if you run this alternative schedule software do you retain your ability to sync with Outlook/Exchange??

    I'm too chicken to install a demo and try it for fear of hopelessly hosing up my 650
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    You can't remove the originals (easily) as thay are built into the ROM.

    Datebk5 uses the same datafiles used by the original organizers. So, you could use eithar at any time to look and edit your entries. They are accessing the same files.

    The same conduits that sync with the PC/exchange will work. The conduit will update the datafiles, Datebk will let you view, edit your data, with better user-interface.
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    thanks for the clarification

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