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    Hello everyone,
    Before I get burned, I did search and could not find anyone who asked this questions b4.

    I'm trying to use bluetooth to hotsync my Treo. My Computer is Win XP SP2, I'm using a SMC USB Bluetooth adaptor, I have the Comm Ports activated, i have the Treo setup for bluetooth syncing, but when I goto the HotSync manger I can only select Comm port 4 (bluetooth is on Comm 8 and 9).

    Any solutions???

    Thanks, Timmay
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    I have a Zonet Bluetooth USB adapter which is working fine. If I unplug the adapter I get a message that COM8 is not currently available and HotSync will activate it when it becomes available. Without the adapter, there is no COM8 available in HotSync setup. With the adapter plugged in, COM8 & COM10 become available (I have COM1 and COM3 normally). Seems like it might be related to your adapter setup. I had to go through a process to establish a virtual serial port with my bluetooth software. I did have a problem once where the HotSync would not initiate on the notebook. I it solved by rebooting my notebook.

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