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    I have gone through this forum pretty carefully and I still cant figure out how to dial earthlink from my Treo in a place where Verizon 1x service isnt available. Im going out of town and I'd like to get this working, if possible.

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    Not sure about the 650 (or which one youre talking about here), but on the 600 you simply go into Prefs, then the Network tab, then enter a new dial-up connection using your Earthlink setup information.
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    That was my instinct as well, but alas, Verizon has locked that tab so that I can only use "national access."
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    Are you sure you're doing it the right way?

    From the Network screen, hit the Menu button, and then Service->New.

    This will make it available as a choice.

    Are you using a 600 or 650?
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    I am using a 650 and I followed what you said-- and created a new connection. However, for some reason, I cant connect to Earthlink at all. It gets to the signing on phase before it cancels. I entered in the same name/password as I would on my home computer and have set up the connection as "Virtual Modem." Is there a trick or something I'm not doing?

    Thanks so much.

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