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    I upgraded my Treo 650 from 1.04 to 1.15 yesterday. After the upgrade I restored all my data by BackupBuddy VFS. Then the bad experience started. I got several (more than 5 times) resets and preferences lost within a day.

    After a search on the forum, I think the reason probably is that the "Saved Preference" DB was somehow corrupted. I tried to go back to an eariler backup of this DB, but it didn't help.

    I know the problem can be solved by deleting the DB and redo all the settings for all the applications. But that would be a pretty tedious job. I simply don't have the time and energy.

    So now I'm wondering if there is a way to identify the corrupted record. Then I can use FileZ to delete that specific record and redo the settings for the related application. That would be much less painful.

    Or is there a program which can fix the "Saved Preference" DB? Mayby in a similar way as DbScan fixing the PIM DB?

    Actually before the update, my phone was quite stable with only one or two resets a week. That was ok, since I was not using any tools (DBCache Tool, Resco Locker, ...) to free the DBCache. I did the upgrade only to get more free memory so I can move some program back to the RAM. But now I only wish I could go back! Stability is much more important than RAM!
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    I can't help you: I chose to reinstall all my applications after the firmware update.. just to avoid this sort of thing.

    I wish some developer would write an application to edit/backup/clean the Saved Preferences file .. sort of like we can with Regedit and various Registry cleaners out there for Windows.

    The Saved Preferences is playing a role like the Windows registry ...
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    BackupBuddy has caused much heartburn after ROM updates for a number of posters here. I have found the following method to work very, very well (though it's a little late for you):

    1. Run a HotSync.
    2. Copy the Palm backup folder for the user name you are using.
    3. Do the update.

    Now, should anything go wrong, you can restore from the copied backup folder. One of the few things that won't backup/restore will be Voicer Dialer - that has to be re-installed, but no re-registration is required.

    I'm sure BackupBuddy usually works just fine, but it seems to have issues with ROM updates, at least according to some folks who post here.

    P.S.: I, too, wish there was a good way to be able to repair the Save Preferences file.
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    I suggest reinstalling all your apps. yes it is tedious, but your Treo will be a lot more stable as a result which will save you more time in the long run.

    Trust me on this. I have tried BBVFS and hot sync restores after a major FW upgrade and the results were not great.
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