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    When do you think this will happen, is there anyway to do it now?
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    You can do it today. Use PTunes or the 650 has real player.
    Download ripped CD music to your card.
    PTunes now supports some purchased online music.
    On the Mac missing Sync shows your treo in iTunes so yo ucan copy non-itunes purchased music.
    Do a search.
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    Err...I think he was referring to something like iTunes or the Yahoo music store built into the phone!!

    It'll prolly take another year or two to see it on a Treo...just keep yer briches on!
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    Over the air downloading is on its way, but much of the planning is based on EV-DO networks. Verizon will probably launch their service Q1 2006, while Sprint I think is shooting for Q2-Q3 2006 after they get their EV-DO network up and running. Chances are they won't support it on the Treo or any 1xRTT device because the carriers do not believe that this is a "quality experience" for the customer...having to wait 3-5 minutes to download a single song. Now if by chance a EV-DO Treo should appear (I have no information on that topic), then I guess it could be supported.

    Right now the cell carriers want to control the over-the-air download services. Look for Napster or Yahoo possibly teaming up with a carrier down the road, but don't hold your breath. The best way for music on phones right now is downloading via the PC then transferring music to the phone/cards.

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