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    I have Treo 650 with Rogers. I have some problems:
    1. Everytime I pull the email using versa mail, the time on emails are different with the one in Outlook. For example: I got the email yesterday at 4PM, when I pull this morning, the time for that email is 12AM, and the other emails also have 2-6 hours different. I have the right time zone and time on Treo. Any idea?

    2. When I pull, the emails status in outlook change to READ even though I don't open those email.

    3. I configure to pull the Unread emails only but it pull everything.

    Why I changed to 650??? When I used Treo 600 I had no problem at all, also MyMail from Rogers is not as good as Mail software for Treo 600
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    Versamail is a POS - the only thing in its favor is that it's free, and it's worth exactly what you paid for it! Download the trial versions of Chatter ( and Snapper ( and see which one you prefer. Odds are you'll never go back to Worsamail.
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