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    Is the ENTIRE inside of your case lined with "ultra-suede" as indicated by their website, or just the inside-front or inside-back?

    Mine arrived with the lining on the inside-front, but not the back where the screen faces. Seems odd to me. Thanks.
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    Full lining..
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    yes, both sides...
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    Both Sides
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    Mine is just the front. Of course I place the phone screen in anyways.
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    That's what I thought -- thanks for the reponses. I sent Nutshell an email about this a few days ago, but haven't heard back yet.
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    Jaharr, have you heard anything back from Nutshell?? Cause I just received my case as well and it is only lined on one side.
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    I received my 2nd Nutshell case the other day and it is lined on both sides. My first one was made to use with a skinned 650. This one is the regular size with belt loop. But, again both are fully lines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillty
    Jaharr, have you heard anything back from Nutshell?? Cause I just received my case as well and it is only lined on one side.
    Yes, here is their reply:

    The inside of the case on the belt clip side is made up of four layers; The
    outer leather case, a piece of 1.4mm thick polyprop which acts as the anchor
    for the metal clip, a piece of 0.6mm polyprop to act as a shield between the
    clip and the face of the PDA and then a lining which extends from the bottom
    of the case to the tip of the tab top where it is covered by the velcro loop
    patch. This lining, although not ultrasuede, has been selected to avoid
    abrasion to the face of the PDA and yet to also offer the flexibility
    required with the bending of the top tab as it is opened and shut.

    In any event, after your initial query, we made up another case especially
    for you with ultrasuede instead of the normal lining and this case was
    shipped from the factory on Monday August 1st.

    Best regards

    I received my new case today, no extra charge or return necessary. They are actually right, the top flap is actually more flimsy when it is lined. Perhaps that is the difference-cases with the top flap are partially lined, while cases without are only lined on one side. At any rate, great customer service, and great case.
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    I recently got a Nutshell case and it is great. The only thing is, when the phone is on a call and I put it back into the case, the "0" button gets pressed. I thought after a few days it would "stretch" but not so far. Guess I will email them and see what they think.
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    Try Treoguard
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    Yeah, I could use Treoguard, but when I spend $60 for a case, I shouldn't have to.
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    You can always buy a big bulky case that never comes close to the phone. Personally, I would rather spend a few bucks on a utility that allows me to keep my phone in a nice looking compact fitting case.

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